Preview video for Time Will Tell.

John wrote Time Will Tell in 2009, prompted by news reports from Afghanistan. Immediately I was struck by the power of the piece and the songs ability to make you stop and think.
I had the idea of creating a video for Youtube, using news footage and images from the web, to really drive the meaning of the song and to help people connect with it. Who knows, maybe it would hit a nerve, go viral, and John gets to be the next Bono.

A few months went by, and the video was still just an idea. Life gets in the way sometimes! I suggested it again to John and amazingly he came up with a first draft of the video within a day, and showed it to me.

I wasn’t quite prepared for what I was about to see, and it caught me by surprise, to say the least.
The video isn’t shocking, gory or sensationalist in any way. It’s actually quite understated, but I could barely hold it together and by the end I was a blubbering wreck with tears in my eyes. I had my son Mikey with me at the time, and maybe that had something to do with it. He was tired and I was carrying him in my arms. Standing there watching the video made me think about what I want for him in his life, freedom, prosperity, choice, all those things any parent would want for their kids. But all those kids on screen were having those things, and indeed their very lives, ripped from them. And still it goes on every day.

We’re releasing the video a couple of weeks from now, on the anniversary of 9-11 and here is a little preview.

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