Facebook fans only, the first video!

We’ve just posted a link to a video of a new song in progress, and it’s only accessible to people who have “Liked” our facebook page.
If you already like our facebook page, then you can get the link to the video via this link.

There’s a nifty bit of code on our facebook page that knows if you are a fan already (or in other words, you “Liked” our band page).
If you are already a fan, it shows you the link to the new video.
If not, then it asks you to click the Like button, then lets you see the links.
Clever huh ?

We’ll be adding more videos to this facebook exclusive section soon, so make sure you visit our facebook page and click the LIKE button. thanks

P.S. we recorded 3 or 4 songs in this little video session, and will put others up soon. Thanks for watching.

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Alan has become a born again cyclist, and blogs a lot at http://www.scarletfire.co.uk
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