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New videosong “For a little While”. Mp3 on Bandcamp.

Original song “For a little while”, by Alan Thompson of Redhill, recorded in the “Videosong” format. Continue reading

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The inspiration behind Time will Tell

As the fighting continues in Afghanistan my thoughts turn to the terrible human cost of the war with reports and images posted daily to my computer of untold carnage on the civilian populations my response to this barbarity and injustice … Continue reading

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Preview video for Time Will Tell.

Preview video for “Time Will Tell”, a protest anti-war song relating to current conflicts in the middle east. Please re-post, re-tweet and SHARE. Continue reading

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VideoSong experiment

VideoSongs have become really popular on Youtube thanks to bands like the amazing Pomplamoose. I decided to see if I could experiment a little and grasp the basics of how to record and edit a simple videosong, and here is my first little videosong baby demo. Continue reading

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