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Memorial to Brian Haw – RIP We have lost a true hero

I heard the other day that one of this nation’s true patriots Brian Hawe passed away. Around 2007 whilst on a trip to london to document the Burmese protest for democracy I had the privilage of meeting Brian. He was … Continue reading

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An antiwar protest song for Afghanistan.

Redhill release video for “Time will Tell”, an antiwar protest song inspired by events in Afghanistan and past events in Iraq. Download the audio track, all proceeds to charity.
Let’s see if we can get this thing to go viral and raise a load of money for charity. It would be great if you could post a link on your facebook profile. Continue reading

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War: a personal account

Countless thousands march in the streets of london whilst thousands off innocent lives are being lost overseas. The masses rise up only to be closed down by spurious UN resolutions… the year is 2003. 2 years earlier I am sitting … Continue reading

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The inspiration behind Time will Tell

As the fighting continues in Afghanistan my thoughts turn to the terrible human cost of the war with reports and images posted daily to my computer of untold carnage on the civilian populations my response to this barbarity and injustice … Continue reading

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