Live broadcast

Now you can watch Redhill from the comfort of your own laptop!

As well as performing live concerts in the traditional sense, Redhill have recently begun to experiment with live shows broadcast online.

Check back soon for dates of upcoming shows. We’ll post the dates in our blog, and on our facebook page

The show will be visible in the window below –

The show is FREE, but if you like what you hear, you can tip us!
Seriously, doing this stuff costs a lot of money, and we need to fund it somehow so please donate if you can.

In case you missed the last one though here it is in glorious technicolour!

Redhill - Magic Man EPBuy our new EP on iTunes!

If you think your friends will like the live webcast, please post it to your facebook profile, or tweet about it, using the links below.

While you’re here, why not join our super secret mailing list? (for VIP fans, ssshh!)

10 Responses to Live broadcast

  1. Corey says:

    I like this moving image shizzle. I fear it may catch on! 🙂 xx

  2. marc says:

    sounds great guys we’re enjoying the show marc and katy

  3. Chris & Leyla says:

    Excellent, though we do feel a little voyueristic! It’s like staring through your front room window!

    Enjoy your tea break & fag!

  4. Sarah Lorrimer-Riley says:


    How cool 🙂 Has been a very long while since I have heard you play!!! Reminds me of long lost evenings lying on the sofa, watching fish and feeling like the world was wide open. Brill.

    Sarah xx

  5. Richard Thompson says:

    Sorry I’ve missed most of the online concert but glad that I’ve caught the last bits – the sound quality was first rate – Well done for innovative interaction!!
    Where would we be without broadband??

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  7. Chris Bainbridge says:

    Yay Linda! Sounds great

  8. linda says:

    molly thought magic man was ” i am the the magic i come from down your way” she’s singing along with all the songs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Richard Thompson says:

    My broadband speed is struggling to keep up with you tonight but it’s still very enjoyable. Keep it up.

  10. Gareth Davies says:

    Just simply wonderful. Love ‘When My Time Comes Round’ Magical.

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