Reflections on our first webcast

Well, it felt a bit weird setting up all the gear to do a gig last night – in John’s living room.

Why was I feeling that familiar twinge of nervousness when there was nobody actually there in the room ?
The show started more or less on time (9pm) with over twenty people already tuned in……
Click the screenshot to see a recording of the show!

We got into the swing of things in a very informal kind of way and it felt good, but very surreal. Knowing that people were watching gave us a focus that we wouldn’t have had if it were just a regular rehearsal.  The classic moment for me was when Linda announced that we were going to break for a cup of tea, only we had no milk. Within ten minutes there was a knock at the door and Gwyn arrived with some milk! The awesome power of the internet at work….
After the camera was turned off and we started to reflect on the experience, we were pleasantly surprised afterwards by all the facebook comments in response to the show. It seemed to have generated a lot of interest, and apart from some technical sound problems in the middle of the show, the sound quality was very good, apparently. The little monitor screen told us that 34 people were watching at one point, not bad for a first attempt, and we’ll definitely be doing more shows soon. Massive thanks to everyone who tuned in.

Here are some of the comments, copied from facebook etc:

  • loving it! goes perfectly with a nice glass of red!x
  • Sound is perfect since you found the thingamy wotsit at half time
  • oh it’s so good well done you all xxx
  • Sounding fab:) x
  • Top job folks…very well done..
  • Excellent, though we do feel a little voyeuristic! It’s like staring through your front room window!
  • well done fab performance… we watched the computer eagerly..look forward to the next!

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