Wow – webcast wonders

If you missed the show, you can watch the whole thing again here
Thank you all for watching, and for the kind comments. Keep ’em coming

Here’s a little soundcheck video, taken about half an hour to going live.

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One Response to Wow – webcast wonders

  1. lucy keenan jones says:

    Well I am all ready!!!! You’re in good company tonight my lovelies… James Taylor on Radio 2 in concert… NO COMPETITION!!!! I’m on line and can’t wait!!!! Lind.. I hope you haven’t got those bloody trainers on!!!! haa haa haa…
    Right, can I please put my first request in… Al, you know what it is…. Go On… just a little taster… Deep Elem Blues??? Any chance???? 🙂 Knock um dead, and don’t forget to put a spanish tip on something… you got fans watching over there remember!!!!!! x

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