We have a new drummer

It’s always a little nerve wracking trying out a new band member.
Will they like the music?
Can they actually play?
Will they have an ego the size of a rhinoceros and a temperament to match?

Getting the chemistry right in a band changes everything. It can transform tension filled teams into a relaxed and cohesive,  organically flowing unit with levels of apparent telepathy that would confound even evidence based science types.

Enter Terry, our new drummer. No pressure!

Well, what a relief! From the very first song, the warmth of Terry’s playing evaporated any fears; the music was breathing, alive and vibrant.

So it looks like the Redhill truck is on the road again, so to speak.


About Al

Alan has become a born again cyclist, and blogs a lot at http://www.scarletfire.co.uk
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3 Responses to We have a new drummer

  1. John says:

    Trucking on down the road to a venue near you with a truck load of good vibes!

    • babs says:

      sounding great…..great to see the band up and running again..good drummer he should fit in he seems just as mad as u lot!!! xx

  2. John says:

    Good bonkers though Babs! (-:

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