Redhill tips and tricks! No 1 – How to export your reverbnation email list

Hi everybody, thought some of you out there might be struggling to export your email fan list from reverbnation once people have signed up to you on myband? Well never fear help is here…. In your reverbnation control room navigate to fanreach, then manage contacts and from there you can use the pull down menu to select your export as shown here :

This action allows you to export the list as a csv file to import into excel!
Easy when you know how? pretty simple really but reverbnation can be a little confusing. Still not too sure how many contacts it will allow you to export before having to buy the fanreach pro version? However the beauty of this is that if you have your own website and inhouse mailing list you can now have two options available to fans for signing up. It allows you to import both in csv format into excel, combine them using cut and paste and then using the advanced filter in excel as shown here: you can search for duplicates and delete them thus combining the two lists!

Now you`re ready to take on the world! hope this was helpful… John

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One Response to Redhill tips and tricks! No 1 – How to export your reverbnation email list

  1. Bob Findlay says:

    Thanks so much, mate. I have recently reached my limit for amount of people allowed to be sent using Fanbridge on Reverbnation.

    Luckily….& with your help (above) I have been able to take my ReverbNation followers to my Mailchimp Newsletter in order to avoid duplicate content to ‘crossover’ followers and to provide them (& myself) with more flexible Newsletters.

    Thanks again.

    Bob. 🙂

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