Memorial to Brian Haw – RIP We have lost a true hero

I heard the other day that one of this nation’s true patriots Brian Hawe passed away. Around 2007 whilst on a trip to london to document the Burmese protest for democracy I had the privilage of meeting Brian. He was a kind, and warm character who had been so incensed by the brutal occupation of Iraq that he made it his lifes work to voice the dissent of the people directly to the people in charge. For over 10 years he stood steadfast in his protest. Parliament square was where he made his stand together with other protestors such as the Burmese activists. No place in this nation was more apt for this and it is the free and democratic right of dissent, so important to this country`s sovereignty that Brian expressed so deeply… May his legacy of peacful and loud protest live on with others affected by his cause. Last week MP Jeremy Corbyn tabled a motion for MPs to vote to establish a permanent memorial to him outside parliament.
There would be no justice if this didn`t happen Brian was a beacon for peace in a sea of chaos and war, where would this country be without the voices of protest and disent voiced so vigorously by people like Brian!

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