John Evans

John is the dynamo behind the band. He organises all rehearsals, gigs and equipment as well as having a fundamental musical input into Redhill. John has written so many of their songs and takes pride in the lyrics as he writes so prolifically from his heart and soul.

When John is not composing,  performing or appraising music- he can been found drinking tea and having a quick smoke!

John and Alan met in1982 and have been firm friends ever since.
Below is some of his artwork reflecting themes of anti war and aggression produced around the same time as songs such as Pray and Time will tell Don`t go is based on the famous anti vietnam war story written by Wulf Zendick in the 60`s click here to see an animated version of the book…

John also produced an album with his last band MK Ultra which we hope you will enjoy too click the image below to hear some samples… or click here to get it on itunes

MK Ultra: Life on a hawaiian beach

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  1. Al says:

    that makes us sound old!

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